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About Us

Quality Organic Tea

Thank you for visiting our online store. Our name Tea Harmony was carefully chosen to reflect our love for tea and the harmony that it brings.

Be it through an holistic ethos melding tea with everyday life, the multitudes of health benefits gained via drinking tea, or the enigmatic benefits of perceptual wellbeing and the furtherance of a positive lifestyle - we hope our tea brings harmony to your life, as it does ours.

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Our Brand

Soft, calming, natural, organic

Our soft yellow painterly logo is both a nod to the sun (vital to tea, and all life on earth!), as well as a reference to the commonly associated golden liquor of tea. And just like tea in a cup, our brand embodies a soft simple reflection of the harmony that tea can bring to our lives.

Our '4 Leaf' Ethos

1. We are proud to bring you all natural teas and tisanes straight from the farmers, forests and tea gardens around the world. Nothing but pure natural tea and herbs - supplied by Mother Nature, and delivered to your cup for your sipping pleasure.

2. All of our teas, both single-origin and blended, as well as all our herbal tisanes have been sourced from organic tea gardens and wild-grown plantations in both iconic and burgeoning regions.

3. Delicately hand picked and processed by local artisans in some of the most pristine places on earth, each tea reflects the unique terroir in which it's grown.

4. Each blended tea and organic herbal tisane is carefully combined and packaged by Tea Harmony to ensure the highest of quality.