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  • Black tea sampler pack
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Black Tea Sample Pack (4x 6g)


This sample pack consists of 4 of our favourite black teas. Each filled with 6g of organic loose leaf tea. Includes: Arakai Spring Flush Black, Red Elephant, Floral Jinjunmei, English Breakfast.Read More…

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leaf icon Arakai Spring Flush Black
country icon Country: Australia

leaf icon Red Elephant
country icon Country: Laos

leaf icon Floral Jinjunmei
country icon Country: China

leaf icon English Breakfast
country icon Country: Sri Lanka

Ideal for those new to our organic tea range who want to sample before choosing their go-to tea, this range showcases diverse flavours that will energise your mind whilst exciting your palate.

Sure to please even the most discerning tea drinker, this also provides an accessible stepping stone for those relatively new to loose leaf black tea who are eager to experience something different.

This sample pack consists of 4 of our favourite black teas, each filled with 6g of organic loose leaf tea.
Arakai tea disclaimer: no pesticides or fungicides used. All plant nutrition is from a mix of certified and non-certified organic inputs. Herbicides are occasionally used in weed management when necessary but teas are guaranteed spray-free and residue-free.

Brewing instructions for individual teas included in posting.


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We recommend you read our tea brewing guide and tips to help you get maximum harmony from your cup.

Brewing instructions supplied as a guide only. Serving size (number of grams or teaspoons) and brewing time can be adjusted to suit personal taste. These may need to be adjusted too depending on the size of your tea cup. The less tea per volume of water, the weaker the taste. Eg. 2g of tea in 200ml water will be weaker than 2g tea in 100ml water. This is another factor you can adjust to alter the tea strength to your liking.

All teas and tisanes can and should be steeped / brewed multiple times, the flavour profile will change and evolve through this process.

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